Zinnia Dance Academy:
Zinnia dance Academy is a dance school established in 2004 AD for the protection of Bangladeshi folk music and culture. This Academy mainly focuses in teaching of folk and Katthak dance. We have already participated in different folk festival around the world namely Japan, China, India, Malaysia Singapore, United Kingdom and many more. Currently we have around 120 students taking classes in our academy. Our Academy has received many national awards awarded by government of Bangladesh which is ultimate source of inspiration for us.

Bangladesh image
Bangladesh image

Costa Rica
DANCERS AND MUSICIANS are the basic part of our dance group. Young and enthusiastic dancers and well known national musicians with teaching background and a lot of artistic experience. Our dance group’s name comes from an old Popurrí “Folk Music” composed by Carlos Guzman who is a Tico Master in music. In 2013 we were invited to take part in the opening ceremony of The Centro American Games in the National Stadium of Costa Rica and besides we took part of the famous National Folk Festivals in Capellades-Cartago and Santa Maria de Dota. Among several events we have been invited to Expo Pococi, Canofila International Fair, the Fair of Tamal in Aserri. We were one of the invited groups for the Inauguration Ceremony of the Teleton Nacional 2013. In 2014, we were invited to take part in the Inauguration Ceremony for Female Soccer World Cup in the National Stadium. Moreover, we were hired by Ministered de Culture and the Municipality of San José to be part of the Social and Artistic Program Enamorate de tu Ciudad where some folk workshops were developed. All musical arrangements have been made by the well-known Master Allen Torres.
International Tours: South Korea, China, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia and Lithuania and we received awards from Poland, Turkey South Korea and Lithuania.

Costa-Rica.jpg image
Costa-Rica image

The folkdance society “Kandali” (Tallinn, Estonia):
The folk dance society Kandali was founded in Tallinn, 1978 and about 900 juveniles have danced there since then. Kandali’s repertoire consists of old Estonian folk dances, party games and stylized dances, most of them are vivid, joyful and sizzle. A lot of them tell to the audience some story about old Estonians lifestyle and activities so they can give a little overview about ups and downs of life and traditions of Estonian forebears. The dancers wear Estonian national folk costumes which are colourful and beautiful with many embroideries and other decorations.
Dancers have two purposes, performing and travelling. Kandali has performed about 1750 times and visited more than 50 different countries in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.
Kandali’s leader is from very beginning mr. Valdo Rebane. The folkdance society has a lot of friend in different countries and many of them have visited Kandali’s dancers as well. Group's members are sure that friends are the best things what they have.
Folkdance Group “Kärutajad” (Käru, Estonia): : Kärutajad, a folkdance group from Käru borough, was born in autumn 2007 when some activists wanted to practice folk dance. The beginning was hard because most of the members had no dance experience nor folk costumes for performances. The enthusiastic group could despite of all difficulties learn needful repertoire for performances and order the nice local folk costumes. They have taken part in several local cultural events, Estonian dance festival and Europeade folkfestivals in Klaipeda (Lithuania 2009), Bolzano (Italy 2010), Tartu (Estonia 2011), Gotha (Germany 2013), Kielce (Poland 2014), Turku (Finland 2017) and International Festivals in China Beijing (2010) and Shanghai (2016), Nepal (2012), Belarussia (2011, 2013), in Villach Austria (2012) and Borneo in Indonesia (2015). For the local community they are the representation folkdance group. Leader and teacher of Kärutajad is mr. Valdo Rebane.

Estonia image
Estonia image

Our nonprofit dance club was established in 1983 mostly by students' initiative. Its purpose is learning, maintenance and spreading of traditional Greek dances from Epirus and other parts of Greece and of course the famous Greek syrtaki. In addition, our members enhance their cultural knowledge and enrich their education and national consciousness. This is achieved by organizing lectures, excursions and the dance club itself. In addition, the club makes arrangements and co operations with other similar clubs. Nowadays, about eighty dancers of any age attend dance classes.
Group has represented Greece in many folk festivals in Greece and abroad (Serbia Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Italy, Egypt etc) Turkey Mersin Citrus festival (2014),Turkey Mudurnu, Folk wedding traditions (programme financed by European Union), Turkey Urfa (hoary invitation by Urfa Chamber and University) (2014) Italy , SIcily 44th International Gala (2015) Thailand, Surin International Cultural Exchange (2017) Egypt, Cairo Drums festival (2017) Serbia Milici, Folklore festival of Orthodox countries (2017)

Greece image
Greece image

Punjab Folk Art Centre is an organization which is joining the people of Punjab with their culture. The main office of the Punjab Folk Art Center is situated in Town Gurdaspur in State of Panjab India. This organization is working in Collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Govt. of India & NZCC New Delhi for more than eight Years. It is registered with Govt. of Punjab and Govt. of India. Punjab Folk Art Centre has successfully organized several Cultural Programs. At present, more than 2000 youths are the active members of our Organization. Our institution has been training about five hundred artists every year under various cultural trainings seminars and workshops conducted with the Help of Department of Culture Govt. of India. Now a Days this centre has started a Well planned program for the conservation and promotion of Rich Punjabi Culture. This program is entitled as Cultural Enlightens Program.
This centre has been organizing various Cultural Awareness Camp at Gross Route Level under Cultural enlightenment program. This centre has been organizing Cultural Program at various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, State and National Levels Festivals and Games. This centre is appreciated several times by Govt. of Punjab and Nehru Yuva Sangathan Govt. of India. The Artist of Punjab Folk Art Centre have participated in various State and National Level Cultural Programs and Festivals held at different places of country like BikaneerJaipur Chamba Manali Delhi Mumbai, Bangalore Goa etc. Punjab Folk Art Centre has represented India for the following International Folk lore Festivals. Year 2007 3rd Sabah International Folklore Festival Malaysia, Year 2008 4th International Folklore Festival Nepal, Year 2009 4th Sabah International Folklore Festival Malaysia, Year 2010 5th International Folk Festival Nepal and 8th International Folk Festival Nepal 2016.

India image
India image

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is a country of many tribes of ethnic, languages, cultures and different religions. Indonesia has various costumes and home to various styles of music.
We would like to introduce our Dance & Music Group from Indonesia called NONA ASRI. We are established in 2010. NONA ASRI INDONESIA is one of group dance and music in Indonesia. We have collaborated and cooperation with several universities, schools, and many art clubs, local art clubs, our nation’s art & cultures lovers and community who interested in preservation of cultural. That why, NonaAsri Indonesia dancers and musicians came from various regions in Indonesia, especially people from the provinces they represent? “The dance is poem, in which each movement is a word”

Indonesia image
Indonesia image
Zampognaro Lagaro Association:
The Zampognaro Lagaro Association was founded by our President, Attilio Gasperotti, as the natural evolution of his personal paths in the world of folk music and dance. The association is composed by experienced folk musicians, dancers, folk dance teachers and young people who trained both as musicians and dancers. That’s the origin of this unitary project focused on the culture of folk dances in the Province of Trento. The project began to take form in 2007, during a trip to Hungary, on the Balaton Lake. The experience was repeated in the following international events in Banja Luka, USA, Portugal, Hungary, Islands, Sicily, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Spain, France and many more,
President of organizations received an award at the Vatican: that’s the Giuseppe Sciacca Award for the promotion and dissemination of popular traditions. We also want to stress the fact that most of the artists are both musicians and dancers, and in some cases are even able to exchange their roles. The Association aims at studying music and dances of the Province of Trento, at rediscovering their main values and at valorizing them through a new point of view.

Italy image
Italy image
AMAKA – The Jewish Yemenite folklore dance Troupe:
In the 1960's there had already existed a folklore group at Moshav Amka, which performed throughout Israel in holidays, events, conventions etc.
The Yemenite Troupe had started to get organized in the early 1970's with the sole purpose of renewing the rich cultural and traditional customs of their ancient Yemenite heritage.
Topre serve the traditional Yemenite ethnic culture, the Mate Asher Regional Council initiated a project and took our dance troupe under her wings. In 44 years of preserving the tradition of our parents, the Troupe performed in 38 international festivals all over the years, including Nepal twice before. Today the Troupe has a future generation of teenagers group and children group.

Israel image
Israel image
GK7 Highlanders:
GK7 Highlanders is a musical group which comprises of two hundred members. It was established in the year 2010 and is renaming as GK 7 Highlanders in 2017. The niche of this group is performing bamboo music with dancers presenting traditional dances.
GK7 Highlanders had represented Malaysia in several events internationally such as Malaysia – Philippines Cultural Exchange in 2011, Malaysia – Hong Kong Disneyland China Cultural Exchange in 2012 and the 6th International Festival of Arts & Culture, Bangkok in 2016.
GK7 Highlanders is withholding four National Level records for the Longest Nonstop Magunatip Dance – 48 hours in 2010, the Longest Nonstop Ethnic Dance - 12 Hours in 2011, the Longest Nonstop Ethnic Dance-24 Hours in 2011 and the Longest Nonstop Orchestra Bamboo, Bamboo Musical Instrument Orchestra-48 Hour in 2014. GK7 Highlanders is very committed musical group and pledged to give its best performance in the international arena.

Malaysia image
Malaysia image
Everest Nepal Cultural Group:
Everest Nepal cultural Group is registered under the government of Nepal and is working for the development and conservation of cultural heritage of Himalayan Country Nepal. ENCG already organized 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th International Folk Festival in the year 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 respectively in various cities in the country. And in the course of adding another milestone in the kind of events, we are proudly hosting 9th International folk Festival in March 1st to March 10th, 2018.
ENCG has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchange with various International communities. It therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the natural and International Cultural Exchange Program for the benefit of the people of Nepal and the world.
It is our endeavor to keep friendship and that cordial relationship with other cultural group all over the world. It’s culture that could give us entire satisfaction, peace and the concept of cooperation to each other. ENCG has participated more than 72 International Folk Festival around the globe and organized eight International Folk Festivals successfully.

Nepal image
Nepal image
Club performing activities since the year 2003, have been providing a different approach to social, cultural and artistic education of our children and youngsters via our “Northern Children” Folk Dances Association that we established in the year 2008. In our social projects performed on the basis voluntariness; the folk dances, music and swimming activities are used as specific means to develop a sharing team spirit and persona l working discipline and to form personal and group responsibility understanding Younger Group of Northern Children trained in the 2014 with the participation of the youngsters who attended the competition in the year 2011, has been the only folk dance association having the honor of being in the finals of the same game show We have 276 dancers between the ages of 6 and 12 and 98 dancers between 13-21 age groups.
In Ankara: For the children and youngsters of elementary schools and high schools in target neighborhoods as well as the groups experiencing social exclusion.
“NorthernChildren” Folk Dances Association that has been highly appreciated and admired by performing in several shows and festivals in a very disciplined and Professional manner, carries the responsibility of keeping our culture alive in its original form without degenerating as well as extending and introducing it too the societies via youngsters.

Turkey image
Turkey image