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welcome TO International Folk Festival Nepal

Everest Nepal Cultural Group is hosting
An extraordinary human adventure !

Everest Nepal cultural Group has been organizing “International Folk Festival” regularly every couple spring's months of March. ENCG invites around ten International folklore groups from all continents around the globe with five national folklore groups. The largest international dimension of the folkloric groups / artistic troops welcomed, the formalities undertaken by the authorities of the countries of origin, the cost of transportation, of medical aid, of insurance/ assistance drove the Nepal festivals to regroup in an organisation in order to facilitate the administrative and diplomatic formalities and to share the programming costs of the amateur artists concerned.


message from well wishers

Association organization


The Mexicans Folk Ballet from Toronto, Canada have travelled many countries among them Nepal is best .We really had great time with organize committee; participant from other group. Sunrise view through mountain was a new experience for me.

  • Jorge Zarate Tristan


To exchange with international Folk dance groups from several countries was a wonderful experience.  We know now a marvelous place in Nepal, full of traditions, culture and good people.  So we recommend people from Australia to visit Nepal, Heaven on Earth.

  • Geraldine Ryan


Outstanding was the friendliness and hospitality in this country as well as the thoughtful care by Mr. Ramchandra Koirala and His team. We lacked nothing, we enjoyed our stay and we want express our best recommendations for this mega festival.

  • Helga Burkhard


The interesting part of the festival was visiting the School. Festival was well organized and sunrise tours, beautiful Mountain View was eye-catching.

  • Muhammed Tamer Çavuş


GK7 Highlanders participated first time in this festival in Nepal and we found very professionalism organization team. Festival was very excellent and memorable journey during the festival in different cities of Nepal.

  • Stanley T Missun


The festival was organized with much professionalism. Organization team of the festival was satisfied and very good interaction with others group. The Very beautiful and good knowledge with Nepalese school students.  Only one less useful is Nepalese roads.

  • Attilio Gasperotti


AMAKA – The Jewish Yemenite folklore dance Troupe:  participated in this festival is the third time The show at the school and the interaction with the students.

  • Zion Shlomi


The most interesting aspects of the festival are that took in different places! The festival was really good-organised! Generally we liked that we had the opportunity to see the everyday life in Nepal and to meet so nice people inside and outside the festival.

  • Efi Proikou


This is the third time, we participated this festival because the Organization of the Festival had excellent teams that organized every single detail in relation to the Festival.  Excellent People inspired by culture and education.  They took care of every international delegation in an excellent way.

  • Valdo Rebane


Tolerance, respect and education are the basic knowledge that we have learned during this festival.  We have gotten a lot of information about costumes, traditions, religion and food.  This kind of festival lighted the culture of every participant country.  We found beauty, courage and energy in every country and culture invited. So we can tell people from Costa Rica to go to Nepal, where dreams come true.

  • Petter Chinchilla Quesada

    Costa Rica

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