The Amka Yemenite Dance Group

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The Amka Yemenite Dance Group

The Amka Yemenite Dance Group

The Yemenite Dane Group was established 27 years ago with the sole purpose of renewing the rich cultural and traditional customs of their ancient Yemenite heritage.

The Amka Yemenite Dance Group is working within the framework of mate Asher Regional Council, which the troupe presents dances whose origins are from The Achduf region of Yemen as well as dances that were created in Israel, the influence of Yemenite Dance on Israeli Dance can be seen very distinctly. The Yemenite dance is unique and impressing in its beauty and delicacy. It is a functional dance.

The Groupe rehearses at Moshav Amka once a week. The love of Yemenite dance and folklore has been frome parents to their children. In the 1960’s there had already existed a folklore group at Moshav Amka which performed throughout Israel.

After a number of years of inactivity the Mate Asher Regional Council initiated a project to revive the dance troupe. It was felt that the preservation of traditional Yemenite ethnic culture was an essential element needed to be perpetuated throughout Israel’s many faceted societies.

This group has preformed in many international folk festival for several times in many different countries. Now this time, it is going to be participating in "2nd international Folk Festival 2004" in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan and Pokhara. We would like to thanks to The Amka Yemenite Group for providing us Cultural Group from Israel to take part in our this program.