Folk Festival



Dancers over the age of 30, lead by award winning creative choreographer Zeev Keren.

The name of the troupe is taken from the majestic indigenous OAK tree (ALON in Hebrew), representative of the region of   Jezreel valley (Emek Yizrael) located in the northeast of Israel.

The dancers live and work in this region, and dance from their early age. The troupe is an independent   group performing for more than 15 years and practicing in Nahalal Sport Center. It participates yearly for the past 10 years in different festivals such as The Jerusalem festival for dancers over the age of 30 and in the Carmiel Festival; we dance in the openings and final shows such as many other shows too.

In Israel and abroad China, Thailand, Romania, Holland, Belgium etc in our repertoire, there are more than 30different dances. Some of them based on a specific subject such as “Jewishorigins”, “Israeli history” and others created in honor of artist, such as: Yossi Banai, Yehoram Gaon, Moni Amirilio etc.