Folk dance group Vormsi and Seto singing choir Helmine

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Folk dance group Vormsi and Seto singing choir Helmine

Folk dance group Vormsi 

Folk dance group Vormsi was founded in 1991 and the teacher Eidi Leht is leader since 1994. A lot of residents of Vormsi Island have danced in the group. Important purpose for members is to collect and preserve unique culture of Vormsi. Dancers shine because of their particular costumes.. Dancers have a lot of friends in Estonia and abroad, they are famous for their unique and original costumes and interesting dances. A lot of children have grown up next to their dancing parents so it means the group has posterity we would be most delighted to welcome everybody in Vormsi, the island of special cultural and historical background. If a boat-ride is not too much. On Vormsi Island has in history long time been a Swedish community. But he has always been Estonian island. The island has a lot of Swedish culture and architecture, music, songs, dances and costumes. Our national costumes are also very different from the rest of Estonia.

Seto singing choir Helmine

Seto singing choir Helmine was founded in 1989. For the whole time Helmine has been actively introducing Seto culture in Estonia and also in many foreign countries. Although singing choir is only a small part of the whole big Seto culture, consistency is definitely one of its mottos. There are 15 members from three different generations in the choir. Five singers and two musicians will come to Nepal. We have traditional Seto national costumes. They are different from the national costumes of Estonians. The Seto are a small independent national and cultural group. Some of our historical lands are in Estonia and another in Russia. The border between the two countries divides our historic land and our nation into two distinct groups. This is sad, but unfortunately inevitable. Folk dance group Vormsi Vormsi is actually name of Small Island in western Estonia with only about 200 residents. Island is unique because of its clear, intact and wild nature, interesting culture symbols and insulation. When residents want to go to the mainland they have to use small ferry. Or ice track on winter time what is 14 km long.