Everest Nepal Cultural Group

Folk Festival


Everest Nepal Cultural Group

Nepal is situated between the India (from South east and west) and China in the North.

In terms of culture Nepal is rich in culture heritage among SAARC region. It’s our endeavor to participate in this great folk festival 2004.

Everest Nepal Cultural Group is an organization established in 1998 with the objective of conserving Nepalese cultural heritage and its overall development, registered under the Act of HMG of Nepal. ENCG is responsible for the exploration of Nepalese Culture not only within the country but also World wide. The Example is organizing the 2nd international folk festival 2004 Kathmandu – Pokhara.

It is our endeavor; we are delighted to take part in this world festival. We believe that Culture could give entire satisfaction, peace, Harmony and Co-operation among us.

ENCG so far has participated in many National and international program. The notable programs organized by ENCG in abroad were Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Korea and Netherlands.

Eventually we feel very proud to participate as a country representative, coordinating and hosting the International Folk Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal.