Everest Nepal Cultural Group, (ENCG)

Folk Festival


Everest Nepal Cultural Group, (ENCG)

Everest Nepal Cultural Group, (ENCG) an organization established in 1998 with the objective of conserving Nepalese cultural heritage and its overall development, registered under the Act of HMG of Nepal. ENCG has already successfully hosted “1st International Folk Festivals 2002” and “2nd International Folk Festivals 2004” at Kathmandu, Nepal. Now ENCG is going to host the “3rd International Folk Festival 2006” from March 17th to 26th, 2006” in Nepal at Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and also in Pokhara.


Nepal is the land of multi dimensional beauties, and cultural heritage. It has got so many resources that attract tourists and admires from the outer world. In the last decades Nepal is pretty much exposed to the outer world but still it is not satisfactory as compared to its attractive resources. We believe Nepalese economy is solely depending upon Tourism, where this kind of cultural promotional activity could boost up the Nepalese economy. EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP (ENCG) has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world from the very outset. It has got experiences in the cultural exchanges with various international communities.


It is therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the national and international cultural exchange program for the enefit of the people of Nepal and the world. It is our endeavor to continue friendship and cordial relationship with other cultural group all over the world. Culture provides an unique satisfaction, peace and happiness.

The following group is active under the umbrella of ENCG;

  1. Traditional Folk Dance & Music Groups
  2. Traditional Folk Drummer Groups
  3. Traditional Folk Mask Dance Groups
  4. Traditional Folk Puppet Dance Groups
  5. Traditional Folk Songs & Music Groups
  6. Traditional Folk Cultural Groups
  7. Traditional Classical Dance Groups
  8. Traditional Folk Music Groups
  9. Traditional Children Folk Dance Groups

EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP [ENCG] is capable to participate and perform in the folk festival program and has abundant of experiences of observing and participating in various international folk festivals all over the world such as Italy, Greece, Taiwan, France, Spain, India, The Netherlands, Belgium, Qatar, Japan, Korea, Germany, China etc.