Name of Group/ Org: Hue-Lain Dancing Club.

Folk Festival


Name of Group/ Org: Hue-Lain Dancing Club.

Since establishing, we urge us on advancing folk dancing art about creation and rearrangements. Renew and let others aboriginal people who care about our club and their heritage can devote their wisdom and skills to the club. In other hand we can educate more gifted persons and let the heritage last forever. In Taiwan the tradition and culture are the spirits that represent us, must be added glory to our livers. Descriptions above are our main purposes.

Our club members consists of many tribes like A-Mei, Bu-Non, Cho, Pai-Wan, Bei-Nan and careers like teachers, housewives, soldiers, bosses etc. They all spend their leisure time in practicing an rehearsals. They also make their efforts to make culture infusion and let tribes respect each other. So, we established in November in 88th Year of R.O.C June at Music Hall of Cultural

Departments, Taiwan Shian ? Tain Country??30th of June Southern District Activity Center, Preface The members of Hue-Lian Dancing Cule are urban young aboriginal people who love their traditional folk dancing art and culture. WE are devoted to maintaining, reserving and developing our heritage. We are looking forward to letting mankind knows other deeper, appreciates and respects the culture characteristics of different People.