– Musical Section of the Folkric Group Is be’ Shkena

Folk Festival


– Musical Section of the Folkric Group Is be’ Shkena

– Ballet Folkloric Barbac of the National University

Is be’ Shkena started in August of 1996 with the purpose of presenting the folklore and the Costa Rican popular culture by means of the dance, music and theatre. Is be’ Shkena means in the dialect of indigenous bribrí: "Good morning". Nevertheless the natives bribrís use this phrase to all hours of the day, so it can bee understood as a greeting in general. But this group took this name in honor to the indigenous brothers of Costa Rica. In his first 6 months the group had more than 50 presentations all over the country.

The Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San José, the National Consultant’s office of Musical Education and the Legislative Assembly, send in different opportunities, invitations to this group to make important presentations in Costa Rica.

In 2000 Is be’ Shkena makes a new folkloric spectacle, with music, dance and theatre called "Estampas Ticas". It integrated 12 dancers presented music and dances of different regions from Costa Rica.

Is be’ Shkena used to be participated in an international folk festival for several times in many different countries. Now this time, it is going to be participating in "2nd international Folk Festival 2004" in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan and Pokhara.